A Sunday Well Spent

Most people hate Sundays. By this day, the wanderlust of the weekend has worn off and the dread of the upcoming work week has set in. (Millennials dub this phenomenon the "Sunday scaries").

I choose, however, to treat Sunday like I do any other day: by making the most of it. I reserve some of my favorite activities exclusively for Sundays and, therefore, it is one of my favorite days of the week. This past Sunday was a particularly awesome one.

I started the day off with some early morning trail running, one of my favorite pastimes. I had picked out a new trail, the Mount Galbraith Loop near Golden, CO (about 20 minutes west of Denver). This ~4.5 mile trail would have been perfect had it not been covered in ice once I got about a mile in; I blame the warm front passing through Denver and the fact that the trail was mostly shaded. Thankfully, there are an abundance of running paths in Golden, so I was able to get my adrenaline fix at a nearby park. 

Immediately following my workout was an appointment at 5 Star Salt Caves, which is a wellness center and spa in the South Pearl neighborhood of Denver. I've been to a salt cave before in Asheville, NC and the health benefits are tremendous; halotherapy, as it is called, can improve respiratory health, detoxify the body, and increase relaxation.

I scheduled a session at 5 Star not for the salt cave but for the infrared sauna. Infrared saunas are like traditional dry saunas with lights that emit infrared waves to heat up your body and release toxins. Frequent IR sauna visits have been linked to longevity, decreased stress, and improved joint and muscle health.  

After a blissful 30 minutes in the 158 °F chamber, I felt like a million bucks. This sauna visit was a total "treat yo'self!" move and I will definitely return.  

5 Star Salt Caves on S Pearl St

Following my appointment, I moseyed on to Overt Coffee, which is conveniently located next door to 5 Star. I spent a few hours sipping their delicious brew of the day (I believe it was a blend from Huckleberry Roasters), working on my blog, and enjoying the weather on their awesome back patio. I cannot even begin to describe how spectacular that first sip of caffeine tasted. Great coffee is one of my favorite indulgences in life.

Back Patio at Overt Coffee

I rounded out this sensational Sunday with even more of my favorite things: friends, food, and football. A SuperBowl viewing party and feast with some of the best friends I have made in Denver so far left me feeling happy, centered and prepared to make the most of the upcoming week.

By the time this post is up, it will be Hump Day! I hope you have had an excellent start to your week and that positivity follows you the rest of the days. 

What does your Sunday (or perhaps another day of the week) look like? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!