Weekend in LA

Friendship and travel are two of my favorite things in life. Spending time with awesome people and exploring new cities brings me a lot of joy. A weekend where I got to do both? Ya can't ask for much more!

I spent President's Day Weekend in the City of Angels, kickin' it with friends old and new. It was truly one for the books - three days filled with hysterical laughter, dancing till the lights came on, and singing along to the Hamilton/La La Land soundtracks (Matt, you make an excellent duet partner). 

The entire weekend was a blast but there were a few particularly memorable moments:

  • Hiking to the top of the Hollywood sign - it cured our hangovers and the view was stunning
  • Family dinner - Loretta "Tots" Malloy makes a mean Greek chicken!
  • Dancing on stage at Davey Wayne's, a 70's style speakeasy with shag carpet on the walls (!!)
  • Sharing Cheetos with the one and only Brittany Tobin


Rach, Tots, Mattsy, and Britsol: COO COO! Till next year, sweet friends.