Who is Kelly Martin?

Kelly Martin is a self-proclaimed nematode.

Hi! I'm Kelly, and this is my blog. 

Below are some things I tell most people I meet, so I'll share them with you too.

  • Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Alumna of Clemson University, Class of 2016
  • Currently living in Denver, Colorado

My blog is split in to three sections:

  • MINIMALISM: What started as an effort to eliminate all my useless crap has transformed into a full blown life philosophy. Minimalism helps me to live intentionally and achieve my goals of working remotely, living mobile-ly and travelling spontaneously.
  • INTERMITTENT FASTING: Intermittent fasting is a tool that allows me to maintain a strong and healthy body while eating the foods I love and exercising in ways I enjoy. There are a lot of health benefits and ways to practice IF; if you're new to the topic, I'd start here.
  • LIFESTYLE: I use the term "lifestyle" to encompass all of the things that keep me excited about life, such as: reading (books and blogs), listening (to podcasts, ambient music, and the awesome people in my life), drinking (coffee, kombucha, and craft beer), and experiencing the outdoors (via trail running, hiking, biking, and backpacking).

You can learn more about me on Instagram: